All About My Time Now, is Michele W Weinstein's way of making a positive difference in someone's life. Michele W Weinstein does this one person at a time, with small and large groups. Michele inspires others going through their transition period by using her life stories as a motivation to achieve a healthy balanced life.

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Great Retreat Location

A place to reenergize yourself.  A place to find your gifts of fulfilling what matters to you.  A place to find your center and your balance.  Only you know from your inner soul what you need to do and what is comforting to you.

Driveway from road to house

Lake view
Lake behind the house

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To read what some of Michele W Weinstein's past clients have said, click here.

Special Update

Michele W Weinstein, the story teller and listener, published a new story book on June 18,2015 titled "Conception to Birth"
In the year 2032, Planet Earth is still in its third dimensional reality.
A famous storyteller, named Michele W Weinstein, was requested by the intergalactic starship federation to tell the story "Conception to Birth" from a self-contained multi-level city. This city was encased in a dome built into the red rocks
of Sedona Arizona. Sedona Arizona was the capital of America in 2032. This center was able to transmit and translate to each existing human remaining on Planet Earth.

Dreams do come true
Table of Contents:
Page 4 Dedication.
Page 4 Introduction.
Pages 5, 6, 7 Prologue.
Pages 8, 9 Planet Zatar fifth dimension.
Page 10 Time travel to the past.
Pages 11, 12, 13, 14 Above clouds fifth dimension.
Pages 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 Ascending.
Pages 19, 20 Comfort and trust.
Page 21 Looking for a DNA.
Page 22 Crystal ball.
Pages 22, 23 Choices.
Page 24 Carousel of life.
Page 25 Egg.
Page 26 -- 6/18/1947.
Pages 27, 28 Transformation.
Page 29 Angelic bubble.
Pages 30 Stopped aging.
Pages 31, 32, 33, Metamorphism of a butterfly.
Pages 34, 35 Invisible cords severed.
Pages 36, 37 Ten senses appeared.
Pages 38, 39, 40 World population reduction.
Page 41 Spring 2015.
Page 42 Butterfly Grandma Michele.
Page 43 -- 2015-2018 Repairs.
Pages 44, 45 Community sanctuaries.
Pages 46, 47 Story telling
Page 48 -- 2018-2021 The shift.
Pages 49, 50 Cutting invisible cords in third dimensional earth.
Pages 51, 52 Mother starships.
Pages 53, 54 -- 2021-2032 Redefining the new world.
Page 55 Birth
Page 56 Epilogue - Dreams do come true.
Page 57, 58 About the author
Page 59 Credits.
Paintings by Michele W Weinstein
Artwork by Michele W Weinstein & Ellen Millar
Photography and digital computer illustration by Ellen Millar
Video Production by Bob Troy - Media Memories LLC
Web design and photo & video editing by Rachid Boukrim
Text Editing by Michelle Altman & Rachid Boukrim

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Cost: $18.00 + $3 (includes tax and shipping & handling)
Proceeds from this story book will be used to fund retreat in Damascus, PA

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